This isn’t a blog or it is, rather, but it’s not what it was. So it goes.

Social media is such nowadays that you can never forget your past. But sometimes wouldn’t it be nice? 

Three facts:

1) I am a costume designer, which is something that I am also studying but more accurately I am studying how to be a better one. I was a costume designer before I came to college, but I have gotten infinitely better at it.

2) I am pretty inarticulate, by which I mean that it takes a long time for me to get good at stringing comprehensive sentences together in front of people. I remember this when I try to talk about my work or things that I am excited about because it usually falls apart when I say it aloud. 

3) I am working on giving up ingesting sugar, as much as possible, but I really like candy so this will be a lie soon anyway.